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Perdido Key Beach Mice

Perdido Key Beach Mice



Preservation of a key endangered species.

Perdido Key Beach Mice

We have been supporting the beach mice program since 2020 and this year we are also sponsoring a utility vehicle for them. This will most definitely be an ongoing sponsorship for us and the zoo is a great partner.

“Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation’s generosity helps make this important conservation breeding program possible. Perdido Key beach mice are tiny, but mighty “keepers of the dunes.” This species is critical to the health of their coastal ecosystem. With the foundation’s support, Brevard Zoo has been able to help bring back this species back from the brink of extinction. Our breeding program keeps a healthy, genetically diverse group of mice ready to support the population of beach mice in their natural range if needed.”
-Lauren Delgado, Brevard Zoo, Communications Manager

Find out more info at and the Perdido Key Beach Mice program.

Bonus! Here’s the next generation of Perdido Key Beach Mice’s new habitat.

baby perdido key beach mouse

Update! A new generation of baby Perdido Key Beach Mice has been born!

Also check out the kind Thank You Letter Brevard Zoo sent us.