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Charitable Organization

Ron and Lynne DiMenna

Protect Beaches, Promote Beach Safety, Education and History of Board Sports

Requests and Grants

Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation accepts sponsorship and grant requests for consideration using the following criteria:

  • Requests must come from Florida 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • Activities must be similar to or associated with the Foundation’s mission.
  • Requests must be submitted at least 90 days in advance of the event/activity.

Such activities may include beach cleanups, shoreline and eco-system support, conservation initiatives and preservation, beach enhancements, public education programs on beach safety or ecology topics, lifeguard support (high-risk beaches) or surfing history. If your request/grant is approved, you will be contacted either by email or phone.

Please fill out the information below completely.

    Program/Project Summary:
    Briefly summarize the program/project, and identify the need and the long term and short term goals of the project/programming. How will your non-profit and/or sponsorship request support Surfing’s Evolution & Preservation Foundation’s mission? Identify the services to be provided and the community that will benefit from them (estimate the number of individuals to be served). Describe where your services are or will be provided. What is the timeline and completion date? Explain how our Foundation will receive recognition and visibility as a grantor supporting this initiative or project.

    Any additional supporting materials (limit 5MB):

    Please check all fields for accuracy.