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Drown Zero Initiative

Drown Zero Initiative



Cocoa Beach Rotary Club
Wyatt Werneth, DrownZero Project Chair

Providing Life Saving Equipment to Beachgoers

Media Contact:
Wyatt Werneth

Drown Zero Initiative

In 2017, Cocoa Beach Rotary Club partnered with local leaders to set out on an ambitious project they called Drown Zero. Under the leadership of Wyatt Werneth, the Drown Zero project aimed to install life-saving stations that held orange buoys or flotation devices along the beaches for beachgoers to use in case of an emergency in the water. Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation saw this project as a worthwhile effort to save lives and began sponsoring Cocoa Beach Rotary Club in 2019 and will continue to do so in 2023 and beyond.

floatation station sponsored by Surfing's Evolution and Preservation Foundation

Since the implementation of these life-saving stations, there have been multiple documented rescues using the floatation devices. The Drown Zero program has expanded throughout the county and has now reached out to other counties through their local Rotary clubs all throughout Florida.

For more information please visit or on the Drown Zero Facebook Page.

Please check out the thank you letter sent to us from the Cocoa Beach Rotary.