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BeBot Beach Cleaner

BeBot Beach Cleaner



Poralu Marine

Developing needed technology solutions for beach cleanups

Media Contact:
Floriane Rey
Media consultant

BeBot Beach Cleaner

Florida counties and tourist development boards are busy trying to keep our beaches clean by hauling away trash every day, but there is still much more that needs to be done. Bulk plastic trash like bottles, broken toys, straws, bags, food wrappers and containers leave our beaches looking dirty and polluted. These break down and those small pieces are the most dangerous to the environment.

Poralu Marine has developed an innovative solution to help solve the collection of small debris that are often missed. Remote controlled and 100% electric, BeBot can silently and discreetly clean up 32,000 square feet of beach every hour depending on the topography. That’s about seven basketball courts.

Surfing’s Evolution and Preservation Foundation purchased a BeBot for Keep Florida Beautiful to lead the way with this new technology. Keep Florida Beautiful is the first nonprofit in the U.S. to utilize this new technology to remove debris, preserve beaches and spread awareness. “Our mission to keep Florida beautiful is simple, but multi-faceted,“ said Savanna Christy, executive director of Keep Florida Beautiful. “We hope BeBot will draw a lot of awareness and concern about the plight of our beaches and waterways, but we know it can’t replace the effectiveness of the armies of volunteers who keep our beaches clean.”

So next time you are on Florida’s wonderful beaches, keep an eye out for a BeBot near you.